Welcome to Love City

Sorry for the lack of updates, but we are Just Like Jenna...enough said.  Just wanted to give you all that we have a big show for Cathryn Beeks Homegrown Showcase next month, on Monday, April 30 at Anthology.  We will be sharing the stage with Emerson, The Yes Team, Bitter Sober, Chris Wilson, Paul Cannon, 321 Stereo, & Vagabond Junction!  After our show at the House of Blues back in February, you better believe this one will be crazy good!

And, we want to let you know we recorded a brand new 6-song EP back in January at SDRL with Jamuel Keith Saxson!  More news on the album coming soon.  It should be mixed and mastered in the next week or so and in your hands soon after that...HOWLING LIKE A WEREWOLF!

Just Like Jenna: Love City